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Covid-19 and the Courts

Court Access During COVID-19 Shelter In Place

The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Access to the Courts

At Moradi Saslaw LLP, our family law attorneys are at the forefront of how the Shelter-In-Place orders have on access to the Bay Area courts.

Most Superior Courts are operating at limited capacity at this time and prioritizing Emergency Custody and Visitation and Domestic Violence Restraining Order requests. Most other court hearings and trials have or will be continued.

On March 31, 2020, the shelter-in-place order was extended to May 3, 2020. Some Courts have extended their limited capacity time periods through May 14, 2020, and it is expected that others will follow. If the Shelter-In-Place order is extended, it is expected that this will expand the time for limited capacity with the courts.

Every day, more and more courts are moving towards using video conferencing. At Moradi Saslaw LLP, we continue to hold video meetings with private judges, mediators, other attorneys, to help our clients reach resolution and move to the next chapter of their lives as quickly as possible. We are operating, uninterrupted, working from our homes.

Each county has their own system in place and the latest information published can be accessed at the Court’s website. Through its involvement in local bar associations, Moradi Saslaw LLP is keeping itself up-to-date on the most recent changes in the courts, and often has that information prior to that information being formally updated on the Courts’ websites.

For the most recent published Court statuses, the court websites are below:

San Francisco County Superior Court:

San Mateo County Superior Court:

Santa Clara County Superior Court:

Alameda County Superior Court:

Contra Costa County Superior Court:

Marin County Superior Court