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A Look at Divorce Trends and Options in Burlingame, California

Divorce in Burlingame, California


If it has become clear that a divorce or separation is in your future, seeking a Burlingame divorce lawyer to introduce you to legal options for inside and outside of the courtroom is an essential first step. Our lawyers understand that the end of a relationship can be a very trying time for all parties involved. When tensions are running high and emotions can be hard to separate from facts, we’ll offer sensitivity and professionalism. We know that the high real estate values and fast lifestyle of living and working in the shadow of San Francisco can pose some unique personal and financial concerns during the divorce process. For the nearly 13 percent of Burlingame residents who have been through a divorce, the details of asset division and child custody are very tangible realities. Our lawyers can walk you through a variety of options that range from conventional court arrangements to innovative negotiation techniques. Becoming familiar with the options that are available to you is the first step to having some control over the outcome of your separation.


Negotiated Agreement


Settling out of court is an attractive option for many reasons. Avoiding the court system may help both parties in a divorce retain more freedom over how assets are divided. In addition, there is usually an overall feeling of friendliness when a couple is able to sit down at the table and rationally work out plans that benefit all parties involved. It is advisable to have lawyers present or standing by to offer guidance during the process of informally negotiating a divorce with a spouse.




The mediation process allows both parties to sit down with a neutral mediator and work out a divorce detail by detail. While the mediator doesn’t act as an attorney, he or she is able to explain various aspects of the law. Of course, most couples choose to retain attorneys in the event that certain concepts may require clarification or research. The intended purpose of mediation is to facilitate productive conversation and compromise in order to avoid litigation. Our Burlingame divorce lawyers can act as divorce mediators or serve as consulting attorneys during the mediation process.


Collaborative Divorce


Collaborative divorce is a shared effort between a divorcing couple, attorneys, mental health professionals and financial consultants. If children are involved, a child psychologist is usually consulted. The process begins with a meeting between the divorcing couple and their lawyers. The entire team of professionals eventually acts together to create a cooperative environment where assets are divided and legal responsibilities are assigned. The decisions that are made during negotiations are intended to form a solid foundation for a lasting and peaceful post-divorce arrangement.




Despite genuine efforts to privately negotiate the details of a divorce, many marital relationships formally end with litigation. This is a step where the court moves in to make judgments on decisions a couple is unable to resolve alone. However, litigation doesn’t have to be the dreaded negative experience it is often portrayed as. Many couples appreciate the structure and accountability that a court’s decision brings with it. People who are concerned with protecting their assets or obtaining a certain level of custody rights almost always seek legal representation during the litigation process. The complex legal rules and arduous process associated with going through the court system is often too taxing for an individual to handle alone. Of course, hiring an attorney as a consultant and representing yourself is also a possible option.


Choosing the Right Representation Matters


Modern divorce options appeal to the unique needs of couples separating under all conditions. The legal system allows for a couple to enjoy the freedom to peacefully and amicably determine the details of their divorce whenever possible. Whether you’ll be negotiating over the kitchen table or making a date to finalize the details of your divorce before a judge, it is essential to protect your future by working with a Burlingame divorce lawyer.

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