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Foster City Family Law Lawyer

A dedicated Foster City divorce lawyer understands that the separation process is highly disruptive to the emotional well-being of the client. Not only do you experience the stress and pain that comes from severing the bonds of a close personal relationship, but you also have to deal with the legal issues that involve the separation of assets and debts. When there are children involved, their well-being adds to the concerns and worries you experience. To ensure that we handle your case with the highest level of sensitivity to your needs and desires, we discuss the options you have at the onset.


Negotiating a Mutually Agreeable Settlement

This is the ideal method of reaching an amicable dissolution of your relationship. It requires that you and the other person are willing and able to communicate effectively about financial and custody-related matters. Bringing an attorney to the negotiations helps to keep discussions on track and protects your legal rights. It also ensures that both parties negotiate terms that they can live with and abide by in the long run. This approach greatly decreases the expense related to your divorce proceeding since it results in a speedy out-of-court settlement.

It is possible to run across some issues that prove to be more contentious than initially thought. If this is the case, the negotiation takes on the character of a collaborative divorce proceeding. When this situation arises, it is usually advisable to bring in independent experts such as financial consultants or mental health professionals to work though some of these issues. When it is still not possible to reach a consensus, litigation is usually the next step.

Mediation: When There is Some Breakdown in Communication

Hiring a mediator is an excellent idea when you need the assistance from a neutral third party. This process still presumes that the ability and willingness of mutual communication is intact but allows for some emotional upheaval. The Foster City mediator is an uninterested party who will not give you legal advice. That said, this professional does have the ability to explain certain legal terms and issues. It is a wise choice to hire a Foster City divorce lawyer to these proceedings. This allows you to consult with a divorce attorney before making commitments to the mediator and the other party.

Litigation in Divorce Court

It is fair to say that litigation is the most time-consuming and expensive way of dissolving a formal interpersonal relationship. It is frequently the only option for couples who no longer have the ability or willingness to communicate with one another. Litigation is also an option for those who simply cannot come to mutually agreeable terms on important issues related to property division, debt assumption or custody.

Having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side is highly advisable. Litigation is an adversarial process and expert knowledge of the law as well as the rules pertaining to the case can determine the outcome of the matter just as easily as the facts of the case. Contact our Foster City divorce lawyers today for more information on litigation support during your divorce proceedings.