Hillsborough, California Divorce Lawyers

Hillsborough Family Law Attorneys

For couples who live in the shadow of the San Francisco Bay, finding a Hillsborough divorce lawyer when it’s time to separate is very important. The fact that many people in this community own businesses or shares of businesses increases the need to make sure all parties involved in a legal separation are properly represented during negotiations. In addition, high incomes and property values increase the need for each person in a couple to know their rights and look after their best interests. Hillsborough divorce lawyers are able to facilitate divorces that include large asset divisions and alimony agreements. Nearly 3 percent of the population here has experienced at least one divorce. Anybody looking to work with a Hillsborough divorce attorney has a number of options when it comes to how to legally pursue a divorce or separation. In fact, going through a divorce in the modern era doesn’t necessarily mean going through the court system. The goal of Hillsborough divorce lawyers should be to facilitate a quick and comfortable negotiation process. Modern options for legally ending a relationship in Hillsborough include the following:

  • Negotiated agreement or settlement
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Litigation


Negotiated Agreement or Settlement

Couples have the option to keep their personal lives out of the court system if they are able to come together to peacefully negotiate the terms of a divorce. A couple using this method can come together on their own to work out every detail or hire lawyers to act on their behalf. It is advisable to always have a divorce lawyer in Hillsborough look over paperwork before anybody signs on the dotted line. 


Mediation is a process that allows a couple to work with a neutral third party to determine the details of a divorce. While the mediator cannot act as an attorney for either party, he or she can explain legal terms when appropriate. Both parties should consult with a divorce attorney in Hillsborough before finalizing any agreement. 

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce involves using a team of professionals to settle a divorce outside of court. The team usually consists of mental health professionals and financial consultants. Couples with children often call in a child psychologist when negotiating custody agreements. If the couple should decide to abandon negotiations and pursue litigation, the team must be disregarded and new Hillsborough divorce lawyers must be brought in. 


Litigation is what most people think of when picturing the divorce process. This is the final alternative when a couple is unable to reach a resolution using any other means. However, many couples decide to dive straight into litigation because they know that other options simply won’t work with their circumstances. Choosing litigation means giving the court system the final say. Due to the contentious and highly detailed nature of litigation, seeking representation from Hillsborough divorce attorneys is important for both parties involved in a separation.