Menlo Park Divorce Lawyers

Menlo Park Family Law Attorneys

There is an endless list of reasons why a couple may come to the conclusion that consulting a Menlo Park divorce lawyer is the right step. Legally ending a marriage or domestic partnership is a process that requires the right balance of sensitivity and professionalism. Regardless of what brought you to the point where you’re seeking legal guidance for bringing a relationship to an end, our attorneys will work carefully to help you understand all your options and take important steps to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Close to 9 percent of the population in Menlo Park has been through at least one divorce. Depending on your particular circumstance, there are a number of different process options that may be appropriate for you as you move forward with dissolving a marriage. Due to the thriving technology and commercial industries in Menlo Park, many couples in the area face the complicated task of separating assets in a relationship where one or both parties owns a business or possesses large amounts of stock. The high value of property near San Francisco Bay adds to the importance of properly handling a separation and ensuring that the rights of all parties involved are protected. 


Negotiated Agreements and Settlements

Going through a divorce doesn’t always have to mean going to court. Couples have the option to settle out of court and walk away on amicable terms. Couples with friendly communication can privately negotiate the terms of a divorce based on their unique needs and preferences. It is recommended that every couple consult with attorneys before any paperwork is signed. Doing so will ensure that both parties know all of their rights under the law. In addition, couples may hire lawyers specializing in family law to handle negotiations. The benefit of choosing to settle out of court is that a couple can reduce legal expenses and avoid drawing out the process of dividing assets. 


Mediation gives couples the benefit of working with a neutral third party to settle a divorce. The chosen mediator may be a professional mediator or a lawyer. However, the mediator is unable to act as an attorney for anybody involved or dispense legal advice. What the mediator can do is explain aspects of the law during discussions in order to help both parties reach a resolution. If mediation is the chosen route, it is advisable that both parties also have lawyers to assist them during the process.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an approach where the divorcing couple utilizes a team of professionals while settling outside of the court system. The team typically consists of attorneys, mental health professionals and a financial consultant. A child psychologist can also be consulted if underage children are involved. The process of collaborative divorce starts with a meeting between a couple and their attorneys. The couple is encouraged to act as a team for the best interest of everybody involved. The stipulation exists that all attorneys involved must withdraw from the situation if one or both members of a couple decides to consult a Menlo Park divorce lawyer to move forward with litigation instead of pursuing a collaborative divorce. 


Litigation is the place where couples end up when all other attempts at negotiation fail. While many couples reach this point after attempting other alternatives, others dive straight into litigation from the start. Litigation places the power to make decisions and resolve issues in the hands of the court system. A couple essentially relies on the court to make decisions on issues they cannot resolve. Many people hire a Menlo Park divorce lawyer to represent them in all aspects of litigation because the process is often highly contentious and involves complex legal paperwork.