Millbrae Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Options in Millbrae, California

Divorce in Millbrae, California

Finding a Millbrae divorce lawyer you can trust to help you explore all of the legal options that are available to you is extremely important. Nine percent of the population in Millbrae has been through at least one divorce. The process of ending a marriage or domestic partnership can be fraught with stress and emotions that hold ramifications for every member of a family. For the many business owners, entrepreneurs and millionaires who call Millbrae home, divorce options that reduce costs or circumvent the complicated rules of the court system can be quite attractive. People in Millbrae are increasingly seeking out divorce options that offer timely and peaceful solutions to the problems of dividing assets and finalizing child custody arrangements. Our Millbrae divorce attorneys take pride in offering resources to clients and navigating them through the steps and procedures that need to be followed. Are you in the beginning stages of ending a marriage? Take a moment to review our outline of the various options that are available to couples inside and outside the court system. Couples have the option to pursue a divorce settlement through the following methods:

  • Negotiated agreement
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Litigation


Negotiated Agreement


If communication between both parties is friendly and open, a couple may want to consider privately negotiating a settlement. However, it is important to note that even couples parting on amicable terms should still seek the professional guidance of divorce attorneys before signing on any dotted lines. Having a Millbrae divorce attorney review the fine details of a negotiation may help to ensure that all parties involved understand the full extent of their legal rights. If the idea of negotiating at the kitchen table without lawyers present seems too risky, you may want to hire a family lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. This option allows you to enjoy the expertise of a lawyer while avoiding the hassles and high costs of entering the court system. Aided negotiation is favorable for many people because it drastically reduces the amount of communication one has to participate in with the person they are in the process of divorcing.



Mediation is an option that has grown in popularity in recent years. The process of mediation involves sitting down with a neutral third party. The neutral mediator facilitates cooperation without giving advice or advocating for any particular outcome. Their role is to help a divorcing couple carry on a conversation that will result in decisions being made based on compromises and mutual benefits. Of course, you have the option to have an attorney on hand to provide you with advice or legal explanations during the mediation process. Our divorce lawyers are able to serve as both mediators and consulting attorneys.

Collaborative Divorce


Collaborative divorce is a process that involves the use of a team of professionals to negotiate the details of a separation outside of the court system. This method gives both parties in a divorce the ability to share a common goal and utilize the expertise of neutral professionals. Many people prefer a collaborative approach because it helps couples to embrace cooperation without giving up the benefits of having personal attorneys. The process typically consists of the following participants:

  • Attorneys
  • A mental health professional
  • A financial consultant
  • A child psychologist



Litigation is the last alternative a couple has when negotiations don’t work out. This option places control over the final outcome of a divorce in the hands of the court system. While some couples end up at this point due to failed private negotiations, many others choose litigation as a starting point because they value the authority and accountability that the court system provides. Litigation can often be an emotionally charged and complex process. A person can hire a divorce attorney to represent them through every step of the litigation process. Consulting an attorney as early as possible in the litigation process is advisable because getting a favorable outcome often relies heavily on proper preparation and investigation. If litigation is on the horizon, it’s never too soon to begin strategizing with the help of a Millbrae divorce lawyer.