Redwood City Divorce Lawyers

A Look at Divorce Options in Redwood City, California

Divorce in Redwood City, California


If you’re curious about the options that are available to you as you navigate a path toward ending your marriage, the decision to seek the guidance of a Redwood City divorce lawyer is a critical and time-sensitive one. As home to many of the world’s biggest technology companies, Redwood City is no stranger to the importance of seeking legal protection. The high stakes involved in modern divorce make finding a divorce lawyer in Redwood City more important than ever. In addition, it is important for couples to become informed about the diverse potential legal options Redwood divorce attorneys can assist them with. Many people who are facing a separation are surprised to learn that going to court isn’t the only option available. The full range of available options includes:

  • Negotiated agreement
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Litigation

Negotiated Agreement

Couples have the opportunity to stay out of the court system by amicably negotiating the details of a divorce and coming to agreements regarding how things like assets and parental custody should be split. This is a great option if a couple is on friendly terms. Of course, no agreements should be finalized until each party has had a divorce attorney in Redwood City look over all details. The benefits of negotiating privately include:

  • Reducing legal fees
  • Shortening the length of the divorce process
  • Avoiding adversarial encounters in the courtroom


Mediation gives a couple the chance to sit down with a neutral mediator and discuss options that work best for both parties. It should be noted that a mediator is different than an attorney or judge. Many couples choose this option because it allows them to privately negotiate the terms of a divorce in a structured and controlled environment. Even though the mediation process eliminates court involvement, it is wise to have a Redwood City divorce attorney at your disposal to offer explanations regarding your rights and options during the mediation process.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a form of private negotiation that enlists the help of a team of professionals in order to cover many different aspects of separating from a spouse. This method joins a couple with attorneys, mental health professionals and financial planners for the sake of reaching a settlement out of court. Cooperation and fair representation are the goals of collaborative divorce.


Staying out of the court system is not an option for every couple. When tensions are running high, having proper representation from Redwood City divorce attorneys is essential. When a split reaches the litigation stage, both parties should be prepared for the court to make decisions regarding issues that could not be successfully solved during mediation. In addition to taking an emotional toll on both parties, the litigation process can consume quite a bit of time. Having proper legal representation often helps to reduce the stress and confusion of complying with regulations and legal responsibilities during the taxing process of attending court dates and submitting necessary paperwork. Whether a divorcing couple is on relatively good terms or conflicts are making the separation process extremely stressful, leaving the legal details to Redwood City divorce lawyers can relieve a lot of the burden and confusion of going through a complicated transition period.