San Francisco Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyer San Francisco
It can sometimes be hard to remember that the great city of San Francisco is home to ordinary families when one looks at iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica Pyramid and Pier 39. However, couples in this city sometimes need the guidance of San Francisco divorce lawyers when it’s clear that a relationship is ending. Nearly nine percent of the population of this famous city is already divorced. There is no doubt that factors such as high property values and prestigious job titles can present unique situations for the people who live and work in San Francisco. For those looking into options for divorce or legal separation, it is essential to consult with San Francisco divorce attorneys to learn about ways to make the process go as smoothly as possible. In fact, seeking out a divorce attorney in San Francisco should be the first step you take if you’re considering separating from your spouse. Modern couples are discovering that there is no longer just one way to approach divorce. There are a number of creative ways a couple can negotiate a separation that leaves both parties satisfied. Take a minute to become familiar with the divorce options that are trending in San Francisco today.

Negotiated Agreements or Settlements


More and more couples are choosing to circumvent the court system and settle amicably. A negotiated agreement allows a couple to work out the terms of their divorce in the privacy of their home. This can be done at the kitchen table, in a coffee shop or at a law office. In addition, a couple can skip sitting face to face and choose to have San Francisco divorce attorneys negotiate on their behalf.



Mediation gives a couple a neutral environment to work in while discussing the terms of a separation. A couple chooses a mediator to facilitate discussions during this process. It is important to note that a mediator does not act as a San Francisco divorce attorney. However, the mediator can explain legal terms to a couple during the negotiation process. A couple may choose to consult a lawyer before finalizing the terms that are agreed to during mediation.

Collaborative Divorce


While a divorce is between two people, it can often take a team of people to successfully settle one. Collaborative divorce involves bringing in financial experts, attorneys and psychologists to divide assets and create a custody agreement. This option offers a couple the chance to work together while providing the protection of having separate attorneys. A divorce lawyer in San Francisco should be able to support you as a member of your collaborative team.



Many couples in San Francisco end up in the court system. Unlike other approaches, litigation places the authority to decide a couple’s future in the hands of the court system. If this happens, it is extremely important to have a San Francisco divorce lawyer working on your behalf to ensure that your best interests are looked out for. In fact, seeking a lawyer as early as possible is a smart idea because it will help you meet important deadlines, stay organized and devote time to strategizing.