Is My Inheritance Considered Community Property in California?

California is a community property state for marriage. Under this type of law, married couples become a “community” and any income or assets brought into the marriage once it’s begun belong to that community. Under this law, divorcing couples must equally divide all community property…

What Happens to Child Support if I Get a Raise at Work?

When a couple with children seeks a divorce in California, the final divorce decree will include required child support payments from the higher-earning parent to the lower-earner based on both parents’ incomes and their amount of parenting time. Child support payment orders seek to minimize…

Marriage Dissolution Vs. Divorce in California Differences Explained

When spouses decide to end their marriage, there are usually many questions about the process. During this turbulent time, it helps to understand California’s divorce law, timeline, and process, including the terminology. One of the first questions often involves confusion over terms sometimes used interchangeably….