Prepare for the unexpected with a Prenuptial Agreement.

At Moradi Saslaw LLP, we understand that thinking about the possible end of an upcoming marriage or domestic partnership is hardly romantic. But sometimes the unexpected finds you, and that’s when you’ll wish you and your partner had taken care of matters before things got divisive. That’s exactly what a prenuptial agreement does.

A prenuptial agreement (often simply called a prenup) is a legal contract detailing the property and debts each party has before the marriage. Executed correctly, it can establish the property rights of each party if the marriage ends in divorce or separation. Our family law attorneys understand how to draft prenuptial agreements that are enforceable and meet our clients’ goals and objectives. Our legal experience and business training help us develop agreements that help clients preserve assets.

What are the Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements?

Prenuptial agreements are created to:

  • Outline property division in the event of divorce
  • Detail spousal support in the event of divorce
  • Preserve assets for children after a second marriage
  • Preserve assets brought into the marriage
  • Protect business interests
  • Keep individual debts separate
  • Outline what will be community property and what will be separate property
  • Determine the management of household finances in advance

Didn’t get a Prenup? Consider a Postnuptial Agreement.

Postnuptial agreements accomplish the same goals as prenuptial agreements but are executed after a couple marries or enters into a domestic partnership. If you find yourself wishing you had a prenuptial agreement, contact us today to find out how we can draft a postnuptial agreement for you and your partner.

Prepare yourself, your partner, and your finances.
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